Upcoming Multifamily Developments in New York City

Where will the people of the city that never sleeps, actually rest their heads in the future? 

The answer to that question is simple:  


New multifamily developments are being planned for each borough and each neighborhood.

Over 36,000 residential units were filed with the city in 2019, a 7.1% increase from 2018. 

Out of the five boroughs, Brooklyn led the way, with the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island following.  

Each of the boroughs also has a mixture of housing types.

It’s not as if downtown Manhattan is only building luxury condos and Brooklyn is only building student housing.

Affordable apartments are going up everywhere and senior housing is always in demand. 

With a population density of over 26,000 residents per square mile, New York City has not been a sprawling, wide-open city for quite some time.

Most new multifamily developments are going up higher, rather than wider.

That’s no exception for the undertakings on this list. 

Each project will reach at least eight stories and most will sneak into double digits. 

We’re going to be looking at some of the mid-sized projects that are either in planning or going to be starting construction in the future.

So, that leaves out Hudson Yards, Pacific Park and the Domino Plant Redevelopment. 

With six projects on the agenda, we’ll be bouncing around some of the most popular areas for development. 

We’re going to start with a location that’s just a couple blocks from the Apollo Theater.  

Urban League Empowerment Center 

Neighborhood and Borough: Harlem, Manhattan 

Location 121 W 125th St 
Value $260 Million 
Schedule Zoning approval is pending 
Details 17 stories, 171 Apartments. Mixture of affordable and market rate. 23,428 square feet of space for the National Urban League. 197,054 square feet of commercial space 
Contacts Developer: L+M Development Partners 
Developer: Empire State Development 
Developer: Taconic Investment Partners
 Architect:  Beyer Bliner Belle Architects 

Edgemere Commons 

Neighborhood and Borough: Edgemere, Queens 

Location 51-15 Beach Channel Drive 
Value > $100 Million 
Schedule Plans have been approved by the New York City Planning Commission 
Details Redevelopment of the Peninsula Hospital Construction of 11 buildings from 8-19 stories Over 2 million square feet of space Commercial and Medical space Supermarket 2,200 residential units, with 30% being affordable.  Units for seniors 
Contacts Developer+Owner: The Arker Companies
 Architect: Aufgang Architects 


Neighborhood and Borough: Mott Haven, Bronx 

Location 2401 Third Ave 
Value $950 Million 
Schedule Building permits were issued in late 2019.  
Details Seven residential towers, 1,350 residential units, one-third of which will be affordable. 34,000 square feet of waterfront park space. 15,000 square feet of retail space including space for Project Destined.  
Contacts Developer + Owner:  Brookfield Properties 
Architect: Hill and West Architects General Contractor: Hudson Meridian Construction 

North 8th 

Neighborhood and Borough: Williamsburg, Brooklyn 

Location 292 N Eighth St 
Value $150 Million 
Schedule Plans have been approved and a building permit has not been issued 
Details 11 Stories, 224 co-living apartments, 97 units for students and 127 market rate studios. Lounge, retail space, fitness center, outdoor courtyard.
Contacts Developer + Owner: The Collective 
Architect: Stonehill & Taylor Architects 
Interior Designer:  One Union Studio 

Soundview Condominiums 

Neighborhood and Borough: Soundview, Bronx 

Location 1580 Story Ave 
Value > $100 Million 
Schedule Plans have received partial approval from the New York City Department of Buildings 
Details 19 stories, over 1.3 million square feet,  562 condominiums. Cellar. 317 enclosed parking spaces 
Contacts Developer: Joel Braver with Express Builders 

Sunrise at West 85th 

Neighborhood and Borough: Upper West Side, Manhattan 

Location 2330 Broadway 
Value $237.3 Million 
Schedule Plans have been approved by the New York City Department of Buildings 
Details 18 stories Over 100,000 square feet 162 units A mixture of independent and memory care units Spa, homeopathic care center, rooftop garden and bistro.  
Contacts Developer:  Hines Developer:                   Welltower Developer: SLCE Architects LLP 

With more new multifamily developments being proposed every day, New York City is still reaching new heights.

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